Surflex are one of the foremost experts of motorcycle clutches in the world today. Their production goes back more than sixty years and their clutches cover every aspect of motorcycling from the earliest Classic Bikes to the Slipper Clutches of modern race bikes. Their experience is second to none and their Original Equipment clutches are fitted by many of the European motorcycle producers as standard for their exceptional quality and strength.
Since the whole range of components, including all CNC machining and even the friction materials are produced in house, Surflex have complete control over quality.

Hi Torque Clutches

Their High Torque Performance clutches are bonded with high performance friction materials which are chosen according to the motorcycle requirements and use. These are asbestos free and contain Kevlar or Carbon fibres. The Hi Performance Friction Plate kits can be used with the OE plain plates and springs, whereas the Complete Plate kits are often modified from standard to improve clutch performance. This may mean a different plate profile, to improve the effective radius of the clutch, thinner plates, to allow additional plates to be included, thicker plates, to allow better heat dissipation or improved materials and finishing processes. The result, is top quality and high performance, often without the need for heavy-duty springs.
They are used and recommended by many of the Worlds top race teams including Fast by Ferracci.

Slipper Clutches

Slipper clutches, or more specifically Anti Hop clutches, are a relatively new solution to the age old problem of severe engine braking locking the rear wheel when entering a corner. In the last few years, quality of many products available has suffered dramatically in an effort to be the cheapest rather than the best.
Once again Surflex concentrate on quality first and foremost and their benefits include;
Easy fitting.
No maintenance required, even when working dry as all components are made with hardened alloy steel.
No need for particular care, other than a periodic check of total disc pack thickness.
Suits most riders requirements as set by the factory, but quick and easy adjustment if required.
Comes complete with a clutch plate kit designed for the job rather than relying on Original Equipment parts which were not designed for Slipper clutch use.
No Special tools required for adjustment.

This adds up to terrific quality and value for money and results in its market leading reputation.