About Bike Torque Racing

Bike Torque Racing is a motorcycle parts distributor based in Frome, Somerset. UK. Today, we are the UK importers and distributors for many of the worlds finest motorcycle parts including Afam chains and sprockets, Brembo brakes, Goodridge brake lines, OZ wheels and many others. But, it wasn’t always that way.

Bike Torque started trading in late 1994, when the owner and managing director Neil Appleton, that’s me, was busy racing Suzuki GSX-R motorcycles around the race tracks of Britain. Not long after a discussion with some like minded friends about the difficulties of locating spares, I suddenly got made redundant from my existing job in the office furniture business. Desks and office chairs never really captured my imagination so I decided to start a business specialising in spares for the Suzuki GSX-R range. With very little cash to work with, the business start up capital had to come from existing assets, so I stripped my existing GSXR race bike to sell off as spare parts. With no experience of the industry whatsoever, that was pretty nerve wracking at the time, but the money from that gave me the capital to buy another one which met the same fate, and then another and another and another. And so things went on for the first few years as Bike Torque Racing started life as a Suzuki GSX-R parts specialist.

Of course, the nature of used parts is that there is a huge demand for some and very little for others so where the demand existed we started selling new parts along side the used ones but still specialising in GSXR Suzuki’s. This went on up until about 1999, but as time went by many of our customers who liked the service and knowledge, bought bikes from different manufacturers and started asking for parts for them as well. By the end of 1999, we decided to expand new parts to include all sports bikes rather than just Suzuki’s. This, in turn, led to increased enquiries from other dealers looking for trade supply which led to us buying in bigger volumes and setting up supplying dealers as a major part of our business.

In 2000, we agreed to be the sole UK distributors for all Afam and NRC products and the dealer supply part of our business has simply grown from there. Now, we are UK Importers and Distributors for AFAM, Brembo, Ognibene Chains & Sprockets, Pipercross Air Filters, Surflex Clutches, NRC & Woodcraft Engine Covers, OZ Wheels, Woodcraft Clip-On's and many others.

Our history in racing means we still have a slant towards more performance based products, but no longer exclusively so, and we stock thousands of parts for all makes and models of motorcycles regardless of their intended use. We have sprockets for mopeds and brake pads for Harleys, handlebars for racers and chains for commuters. Read A Biking Life and you will see we are not just a racing business. We always did, still do, and always will ride motorcycles wherever possible - roads, race tracks, off road, touring, custom bikes, you name it.

The business has evolved over the years but some things remain unchanged. We still believe in focus, still believe in quality and still believe in customer service.

Focus - Look through our products and you will see that we still don’t sell helmets or any clothing products. We specialise entirely in motorcycle parts. Hard parts are tremendously complicated and the only way we can do it well is if we focus on these parts to the exclusion of other things. You can’t be all things to all men, so if you want to do it well, you have to focus.

Quality - You will also see that we only offer quality components. At the age of 16, I owned a Suzuki AP50 and I rapidly learnt the difference between quality and cheap components. I bought the cheap stuff because I had no money. A few days later, I had even less money with no transport because the cheap parts had broken already. Buy a quality product and you only buy it once. We only offer parts we know are of good quality and we take them out and try them on the roads, race tracks and off road tracks of Britain and Europe. We use what we sell - that way, both us and our customers can be sure that anything we sell will do the job it is supposed to do and do it properly. It’s your guarantee that your money is well spent!

Service – That conversation all those years ago was about the fact that no one stocked anything anymore. Now there are some types of products that are practically impossible to stock due to expense, variation and technical difficulties but the vast majority of components we stock extensively. We ship them the same day so you get them next day. It is your guarantee of service and our guarantee that you will come back again. Accountants always tell you not to keep stock but we disagree. If you don’t stock it, you can’t offer the best service and our stocks are some of the biggest in Britain.

Lastly, I would like to mention expertise. Everyone with a customer facing role here at Bike Torque Racing is a bike rider and have mostly been riding for years (some of them an awful lot of years). Whether you are a retail customer or a dealer, you need to speak to people who know what they are talking about. Would you ask a promo girl to advise you about a medical condition? No. There is nothing worse than asking people questions when they have no idea what you are talking about. It is bad enough when they are selling helmets and gloves but a nightmare when you get into hard parts. If you mention brake shoes and the person on the other end of the phone thinks you are talking about last nights dancing outfit, then I suggest you shop elsewhere.

So that is us pretty much up to date. We are a specialist motorcycle parts distributors who believe in focus, quality, service and expertise. We hope you like what we have to offer and look forward to hearing from you.

Neil Appleton