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Woodcraft manufacture a range of Billet CNC machined engine covers and OE cover protectors, most of which are fitted with a large stainless skid pad in the susceptible damage area to greatly increase their durability.

This is a Gorgeous, High Quality, Engineered, Billet CNC machined aluminium product and is not the same as the plastic add on covers that are now available. It is manufactured from proper billet aluminium, does not reduce ground clearance as many of the cheap plastic add on's do and is seriously durable in a crash.

Maintain Ground Clearance - Plastic add on covers bolt on top of the existing engine cover and therefore reduce ground clearance. Woodcraft Billet engine covers replace the OE cover and do not reduce ground clearance.

Durable -The stainless skid pad is far more abrasion resistant than the aluminium and holds up very well in a crash.

Fixable - Not only is the skid pad replaceable but Woodcraft's exclusive internal bolting ensures that a crash will not leave you drilling out mounting bolts that have been ground smooth. The internal bolts are 'O'-ring sealed to ensure they stay oil tight.

Detailed - Due to the abrasion resistance of the stainless steel skid pad, they are able to spend extra time on these covers to make them super light.

Woodcraft Quality
In recent times, cheaper competitive products have appeared which instead of producing a proper aluminium cover just fit a cheap plastic bolt on to the outside of the OE cover.

It is in the nature of some, to try to economise and make something a little bit cheaper and a little bit poorer but very rarely are such products also a little bit better.
How much resistance do you really think that a 3 or 4mm piece plastic will put up against a fully fuelled motorcycle weighing up to 200KG and crashing at 150MPH?
We sell many Woodcraft aluminium coves to riders after they have destroyed the cheap plastic covers and the OE cover in a relatively low speed crash. Did those riders save money? We don't think so!

Woodcraft engine covers are stronger, last longer, do not reduce ground clearance and are Race Proven by thousands of riders all around the world.

We therefore remain confident of both the overall economy and design benefits of Woodcarft aluminium covers.